Package be.ugent.caagt.jmathtex

Class Summary
TeXConstants The collection of constants that can be used in the methods of the classes of this package.
TeXFormula Represents a logical mathematical formula that will be displayed (by creating a TeXIcon from it and painting it) using algorithms that are based on the TeX algorithms.
TeXIcon An Icon implementation that will paint the TeXFormula that created it.

Exception Summary
DelimiterMappingNotFoundException Signals a missing character-to-delimiter mapping.
FormulaNotFoundException Signals that unknown predefined TeXFormula name was used.
InvalidAtomTypeException Signals that an unknown atom type constant was used.
InvalidDelimiterException Signals that a symbol, that was not defined as a delimiter, was used as a delimiter.
InvalidDelimiterTypeException Signals that an unknown delimiter type constant was used.
InvalidSymbolTypeException Signals that an unknown symbol type constant or a symbol of the wrong type was used.
InvalidTeXFormulaException Signals that an invalid TeXFormula was used.
InvalidUnitException Signals that an unknown unit constant was used.
JMathTeXException Superclass of all the possible (public) exceptions that can be thrown in this package.
ParseException Signals that an error occured while parsing a string to a formula.
ResourceParseException Signals that an error occurred while loading the necessary resources into memory.
SymbolMappingNotFoundException Signals a missing symbol mapping.
SymbolNotFoundException Signals that an unknown symbol was used.
TextStyleMappingNotFoundException Signals a missing text style mapping.